Driven To Perfection

Over the past twenty five (25) years, the retired police officers at Street Smarts of Maryland have devoted their entire lives to protecting our communities.  During their law enforcement careers, these individuals have seen firsthand the devastation that can be created every time that someone makes a mistake when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  These officers now want to focus on preventing such tragedies in the future.  That is why they’ve created their own Driving School entitled “Street Smarts of Maryland – A Professional Driving Academy.”

As an approved Driver Education Provider through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, these officers now want to use their education and experience to make a difference for the newest drivers in their community.  And one of their goals is to combat the accident and fatality rate among new teen drivers.  “We lose too many kids to fatal accidents,” advised company Vice President John Parrott.

What really makes the difference between Street Smarts and other area driving schools is the level of training that each of their instructors has received in defensive driving tactics.  As retired police officers, each instructor has taken and successfully completed at least forty (40) hours of defensive driver training programs.  Some of the Street Smarts instructors have even spent years at their own departments specializing as defensive driving instructors.

State law currently requires that all driver education programs provide each student with thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction followed by six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel lessons with a certified instructor.   Parrott advised that Street Smart students receive not only the minimum six (6) hours of basic behind the wheel training, but two (2) additional hours of behind the wheel instruction as well.

Street Smarts also offers their students the opportunity to practice their driving skills on a closed course for free.  Once a quarter, Street Smarts instructors will set up a skills course at a local high school and offer their students a chance to take the course before they go to the MVA to take their license examination. “If the students can pass our skills test, then we feel very confident that they will do well at the MVA” stated Parrott.  Street Smart offers their programs at various high schools in the region all listed on their website “Our staff has over one hundred and fifty (150) combined years of law enforcement experience,’ advised Parrott.  Parrott is proud of the way that Street Smarts has modernized the state mandated curriculum that their instructors follow using laptop computers and LCD projectors, Power Point presentations keeping their students motivated throughout class. If we can keep a student’s attention longer, then they’re bound to retain more of the information that we are presenting to them.”

At the high schools where Street Smarts provides their driver education program, the company not only provides their students with their lifelong knowledge and training but they also provide the school PTA’s and Booster Programs with important financial support as well.  “We believe in giving back to the schools that support our program,” stated Parrott.  During the past twelve months, Street Smarts has donated over $ 15,000.00 back to the high school organizations that sponsor their driver education program.  “We understand the need to become an educational partner and to give back to the communities who want our program,” stated Parrott.

“We want every student to drive defensively and realize the importance of driving a car carefully in all situations.  If we can get our students to think about their safety and get them to their destination unharmed, then I feel that we have done our job well.”

For more information on Street Smarts of Maryland, please visit their website at or call them at (443) 355-4238.


Tammy Bowers is the Co-Owner of Rolling Ads of Maryland, a unique branding company offering a networking Concierge Service as well as an Outdoor Mobile Billboard Advertising Vehicle.  She is also a Charter Member with the Village Connector Online Community Newspaper. You can reach Tammy at 410-812-6024 or via email at

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