Are you working more and more, with no end in sight? Are you buried so deep under a pile of work that you wonder if you’ll ever get out? While hard work is important to your success and financial prosperity, so is balance.

If you’re feeling stressed out and overtired, you may feel that a proper work and family balance is impossible for you. But nothing could be further from the truth! Balancing your work and family life is critical for preserving your health and experiencing the peace and happiness you deserve.

Attain the balanced life you crave with these simple changes:

1. Keep the work at work. Resist the temptation to bring work home with you. If you’re facing pressing deadlines or a pile of work that keeps growing, taking work home seems like the easiest way to get it all done. Unfortunately, though, taking work home often means saying no to vital family time.

* Often, the heavy workload is part of the territory. At other times, you can ease your workload by opting out of unnecessary projects or unreasonable demands.

* Try delegating the tasks that can be done by others so you’re free to do the most important aspects of your job.

* Other times, poor planning can cause you to spend more time on tasks than is really necessary. This may cause you to get behind and feel the need to bring work home. Take a few minutes in the morning to plan your day effectively, make a to-do list arranged by priority, and then cross off your tasks as you complete them.

* Show your family that you value them by saying no when appropriate, delegating when possible, and taking time to organize your work before you begin. You’ll feel less stressed and get more done, too.

2. Limit your hours. Staying late at the office is a lot like coming home with work. If possible, commit to reasonable office hours and leave when it’s time to clock out. Your family time will support your success at the office because you’ll feel less stressed and experience greater productivity in the time you spend at work.

3. Go to work early. Instead of staying at the office late and missing family time, consider arriving early if you have to catch up on work. While you only want to do this occasionally, it can be the perfect compromise that promotes balance in your life. Arrive home on time for family time, and you work extra hours in the morning when everyone’s still asleep.

4. Put your family first. Just as you make appointments that support your working career, why not make appointments that prioritize your family and encourage balance? Schedule in date nights, play time with the kids, or whatever suits your lifestyle. That way, when the calendar starts to become crowded with work, your family doesn’t get crowded out.

Most of your day may be spent at work, but the most rewarding experiences of your life often occur during family time. Use these strategies to balance your life and experience more of the memories that make life worthwhile. If you make your family a priority, you’ll be rewarded with greater productivity at work, a sense of peace, and deeper relationships within your family.