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Glenn Garnes is the founder of Village Connector Community.  Glenn loves helping people invest in themselves through personal development and learn to work with others to make for a better world for everyone.

Glenn is an avid student of the teachings of Dr. Napoleon Hill and in addition to speaking on success mindset, he also possesses expertise in topics related to entrepreneurship, business networking, relationship marketing, internet marketing and business generally.  Glenn developed most of his interest in entrepreneurship while practicing law and representing other business owners in complex litigation matters.  he’s also a lover of technology including TV and radio production, and streaming media.

Glenn Garnes on “Faces Behind the Business”

Glenn loves to be of service to anyone who makes a commitment to lifetime learning.

Join Glenn Garnes as he chats with Sylvia Henderson about her background and ideas!  Click this link to watch the entire interview.

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Glenn Garnes
Village Connector Community
8101 Sandy Spring Road
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Laurel, Maryland 20707

Phone:  (800) 306-6488, ext. 1