Meet Dr. Ray Charles

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Effectiveness, Personal, Professional and Organizational Performance Improvement. Transformational coaching, Role-clarity

What I know about: Leading Leaders, Leading from within (one’s inner core), Living your Legacy, Integrity

Location: Maryland & Illinois (Eastern & Central Time Zone)
My best client is someone who: Is a “Go To” person. All her life people have gone to her for answers. She has maximized her length and breadth of conscious competence and is now seeking guidance into the third dimension of length, breadth, AND depth of unconscious competence. She is willing to release the good, for the great; the known, for the unknown; the comfort zone, for the stretch zone, and if necessary, the stretch zone, for the panic zone!

Why I coach: It is my life’s work. I am called to be A Ray of Light® (disarming the internal saboteurs) in the depth of the soul of business and business leaders, so that they can be fully functional and impactful in their respective domains
What coaching has given me: Coaching has given me the structure, framework, platform to offer my true (whole) self to humanity. As spiritual beings having a human experience, coaching has given me the gift to choose both my highly left brain analytical, engineering background and highly right brain, spiritual background in a unified context for my clients. In one word, coaching has given me completeness.

What I did before coaching: Prior to the year 2000 (Y2K) I gained a widespread background in the Oil & Gas, Investment Banking, and Risk management field over a 12 year period. In 2000, I transitioned into full time ministry offering spiritual coaching to numerous leaders in the business, government, education, faith-based sectors. In 2008, triggered by the market crash, I returned to Corporate America, to lead a high performance team within the nonprofit sector; and in 2014, I decided it was time to launch my Training and Development Company, leveraging my comprehensive background, leading leaders with integrity, industrial experience, and professionalism, while guiding with compassion, wisdom, and service

If you really knew me, you’d know: I am the true Chef-Ray. Cooking from recipe is not my forte. I create the most palatable dish from a creative space of love and delight.

Dr. Ray Charles on “Faces Behind the Business”

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