Community Economics Initiative

An important component of individual evolution and therefore, human evolution is having access to the resources we need to acquire the things we need to evolve.  Those resources exist but remain hidden under our noses simply because we have not figured out how to tap them.

Our community economics initiative is very simple but very powerful.  It combines a focus on helping individuals acquire greater access to economic resources but also helping them create those resources in their own communities.  Positioning local communities to be their own thriving, prospering eco-systems will allow for greater opportunity to be created for all local community stakeholders and that will improve quality of life individually and collectively in every community.

Our community economics initiative centers around helping both merchants and consumers to communicate more effectively with each other and to be the source of prosperity for each other and with each other.  We will help businesses reduce the cost of operating and especially advertising their businesses, so they can afford to offer better and more frequent special buying opportunities to consumers who are local to them.  Consumers in turn will save more and be able to do more with the savings, reallocating those funds to their personal development and wellness.

Our community economics programs also include resources that allow our community members to learn how to start businesses and become better professionals even if they are working for others.