Village Connector Community

Welcome to Village Connector Community, “The People’s Prosperity Network”! We are an internet television and radio network that focuses on personal development.  From our recording studios in Laurel, Maryland we work with subject matter experts to produce self-help, wellness, and other personal development TV and radio shows, events, and virtual programs.  Our shows and events are live streamed on Facebook Live, Periscope, Youtube Live and other platforms as they emerge.
Village Connector Community is an organization that promotes the evolution of humanity by creating an environment where people work together to improve quality of life for themselves and their neighbors.  We are internet based but we touch communities across the world based on who chooses to plug in with us onlline.
Our mission is to encourage people to invest in themselves through personal development and to then work together with others who commit themselves to personal evolution.
We have three pillars that form the foundation of our mission from a philosophical stand point. Those are education focused on personal development, health and wellness and professional development. Our focus on these three areas allows community members to create a balanced living lifestyle for themselves and for others.  As they become more valuable to themselves they also become more valuable to their neighbors.
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