We are 21 days into 2017 and I am highly optimistic about the potential for great progress this year in the Village.  For the past three years we have been planning, trying new things, learning from our experiences and making adjustments that have propelled us closer to our goals of helping people reach their full potential as individuals and learning how to work together with others to achieve more for themselves and their neighbors.

Below, I will summarize what you can expect to see in 2017.  These are activities and things that are not “planned”, they’re actually happening:

TV & Radio shows:  We currently have 10 TV and radio shows in production on topics related to personal development, health and wellness and professional development.  These shows will be pre-recorded and/or live streamed on various social media platforms, including Periscope, Facebook Live, Youtube Live and others as technology continues to advance.  Replays will be available in those social communities as well as from the Village Connector website.

Weekly Newsletter:  Our Village Connector Community newsletter will be distributed via email every Friday just in time for you to enjoy over the weekend.  The newsletter itself is actually a “dashboard” to resources on our website, organized conveniently for your quick reference.  Be sure to check it out each week to see the archive of our most recent TV and radio shows, this newsletter, and many other resources that will keep you evolving daily.

Events Calendar:  Our Village Events calendar is now filled with all kinds of events, including workshops (virtual and in person), TV and radio shows, community events and member hosted and sponsored events.  There’s something for everyone in the Village and now you can more easily find it by viewing our events calendar.

Education Center:  We actually launched the Village Connector education center some time ago but we are starting to add more content to each section of the center.  Expect to see more variety and more in depth coverage of topics.   Also, you’re going to start seeing more experts available in the expert directory.  These professionals are here to help you evolve to your full potential.  Check and take advantage of their programs and service offerings.

Facebook group:  Please join our Facebook group and encourage others to join as well.  Our TV and radio shows are live streamed from within the group, so joining is a great way to avoid missing anything.  We also link the event calendar and select articles from our learning center there for your convenience.

Okay folks, that’s it for this week’s update. We’ll be providing community news weekly starting this coming Friday, so stay tuned!